About Mary

Growing up on a farm in southern Ontario is where my love of making and growing good food began. Picking juicy red raspberries, canning peaches in the summer heat and baking delicious desserts are some of my fondest childhood memories. As a teenager, one of my favourite things to do was read fitness and health magazines, and experiment in the kitchen with new recipes.

mary-wales-roundMy esteem and fascination for good food and agriculture drew me into studying sustainable agriculture abroad and writing about food. Whether how it’s grown, how it tastes, or the amazing people that work to bring us incredible clean food products and flavours,  I love to cover the extraordinary when it comes to food. I also still love to make healthy food from sustainable ingredients – and I’m happy to share some of these recipes here for you!!


This blog is a hobby! In my professional life, I work as a communications and marketing professional and writer/ editor (you can connect with me on LinkedIn here or view my portfolio here). My educational background is in sociology, sustainable food and agriculture, and marketing/ communications.